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Our Story

Charlotte Peppitt


It came as a complete shock when Pete proposed while cruising on the Danube River in Budapest 4 years ago! Of course I said YES!
Our wedding day is just 2 weeks shy of our 16th year together, so many will say it is about time! It is.
Pete is my soulmate and we have already enjoyed many adventures together. I cannot wait to see what our future holds as Husband and Wife. All we know for certain, is that it will be a fun ride!

Pete Preston


I met Charlotte during our University of Aberdeen years. I somehow managed to get her email address off of her. I was pleasantly surprised she remembered me when I emailed her a few days after. She remembered, we got chatting on the phone and after a few days, I asked her out for coffee or something. We've been together ever since! I love Charlotte mostly because she totally understands me and she makes me laugh so much. And winds me up more than anyone else on the planet! But most of all, she is dedicated, loving, loyal and a total ``ride or die babe``. What she sees in me i'll never know.


An Orcadian tradition of boozing at weddings. Kind of like the Naija Palm wine equivalent. This brew is traditionally prepared from family recipes form 100s of years passed down the line.

Grand March

The Grand March is a traditional Wedding Dance. The Bride and Groom kick things off followed by their Bridal party, family and the rest of the guests. Something to warm you up for the dancing later!


If you know us, you know music is at the heart of all we do, so expect the class DJ's and Musicians, whom we are honoured to call our friends as well as, traditional Scottish and Nigerian music. Dancing shoes are obligatory!


How we met and how Charlotte chased me for ages before I relented. Well, our different versions of events!

Culture Mash up

Naija Meets Orkney. The best bits from both our cultures. We can't wait for all our guests to embrace to music, food, drinks and hospitality from Nigeria and Orkney.


Evening Buffet is completely Naija. From Jollof/Fried Rice/ Plantain/ Small Chops/Poundo/Puff Puff/Gizdodo and many other delicacies. We hope you enjoy the colours, sounds and tastes of Nigeria!